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connie-chan Project!

What is Connie-chan Project?

-What is the Connie-chan Project?


The Connie-chan NFT project, which was a big hit on the popular Japanese TV show “Ponkickies,” will generate 10,000 NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain world.Having a Connie-chan NFT allows the owner to earn more profit in the real world.

Connie-chan Profile

-Birthday: May 2 

-Place of birth: USA

Half Japanese dad and half American mom

-Skills: Bilingual in Japanese and English, special skill is rock-paper-scissors-paper.

Welcome to the world of Janken.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Rock, Paper, and Scissors

In Connie’s world, greetings are rock-paper-scissors. Whenever there is a problem or a decision to be made, it is always decided by playing rock-paper-scissors-scissors. Let’s make a rock-paper-scissors kingdom in Connie-chan’s world together.


We create a game world in which the characters are active. And in the game world, various Japanese animations will come together across genres, and various games will be created according to the opinions of the holders. The content of the games will be decided by rock-paper-scissors-scissors.

traveler's guide.

Connie-chan has been playing rock-paper-scissors-paper for more than 25 years on a famous children’s TV show in Japan.

Connie-chan has come to the world of blockchain to show the world the wonders of rock-paper-scissors-paper.

The roadmap is a plan for Connie-chan’s future journey. Once we sell out a certain percentage of Connie-chan, we will start working towards achieving that goal. Here is a glimpse of what is in store for Connie over the next year.


Connie-chan project begins!

Let’s all support the beginning of Connie-chan’s journey!


Play with your team and holders in this exclusive community space. Discuss and share your opinions about the Japanese character’s game-making plans by playing Janken to UP your level and voting on future games and directional directions.


Connie’s Limited Edition Merchandise Giveaway

Character goods will be given to the holders.

Rock-paper-scissors tournament event

The event will be held at a major department store. The winner will receive a luxurious prize.


Collaboration with characters

Connie-chan invites Japanese characters to join the world of Janken. Please look forward to collaborating with popular characters both in Japan and around the world.

Second sale

A second sale (2525 units) will be made

Secret Collaboration

Connie comes to the big city and becomes best friends with a beautiful girl…


Secret Collaboration

Connie plans to make many animal friends through her contact with nature!

Secret Collaboration

Connie goes back in time and gets a strong partner through an encounter with a dinosaur!


Connie will complete the game on the Metaverse, which will feature members that she has collected during her travels. In the game world, various characters collaborate with each other beyond the boundaries of animation and play the game!


Through rock-paper-scissors, we create a game world with Japanese anime as a companion.

きはら ようすけ


おぎわら さとし


かんばら りょうじ




いしばし もえ





Yes, we do. We are prepared to give priority to those who have been active in our community.

We will issue 10,000 Connie-chan in total.

We are planning to release them in July.

Each Connie-chan will cost 0.1 ETH TO MINT.